Fiji's Finest Artisanal Chocolate Products


Inspired by the abundance of Nature’s wealth here in the Pacific Islands, at Kakau Chocolat we use only what our islands offer us – embark on a culinary journey across the South Pacific with the freshest cacau and vanilla alongside an incredible range of luscious fresh fruit and, of course, coconut.

Most importantly, because Kakau Chocolat makes all of its chocolates in small batches, we can control and observe flavour development at all stages, with the result… One-hundred percent pure with no artificial additives – at Kakau Chocolat we offer only the best that pure chocolate can provide.

Our exquisite gourmet chocolates are all totally hand-crafted in the traditional artisanal manner, ranging from bonbons and truffles to our special bars (and even chocolate-coated fruit) – each and every one a taste experience on its own!

Searching for that perfect gift, from corporate to the ultimate wedding present? Look no further, Kakau Chocolat‘s range has you covered – check out the Special Events tab.

Whether as a gift or as personal indulgence, Kakau Chocolat‘s unique variety is sure to be a winner!!